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I know someone who could serve me love
But it wouldn’t fill me up
You could have my favorite face
And favorite name
I know someone who could play the part
But it wouldn’t be the same


Lotte is leaving tomorrow to stay with my mom for a little bit so I can focus on transitioning to some new work and getting my life in order. I know it’s for the best for the time being, but it’s going to be hard not being able to wake up to that bear.

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island fortress, island home

some older photoshoots


what a doozy



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it’s me.


T is for Tabletop Tip

Pale pink peonies in Tory’s new Spongeware pitcher, inspired by her favorite 19th-century ceramics. Shop the collection.

Check out the tory burch homepage and home tab to see all my editorial/alt view shots for our new home&spongeware collection!


T is for Tory Burch In Color

The name of Tory’s new book. Pre-order it at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Read more…

Hi guys! I’m proud to announce that the book/project I’ve been working on for the last few years is finally out for pre-order. It’s been one of the most incredible and challenging experiences of my life. I’m lucky to have been able to contribute a hefty portion of the photography, and it’s a pretty incredible reflection and documentation of all the photoshoots I’ve had in the last few years. There are never before seen portraits of celebrities, Tory, travel shoots, events, products, and more.

And now it’s time to hibernate for awhile.