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full page photo in vogue japan september issue and a few photos published in the us vogue september issue this year!!

and the TB book is coming out this month!

need to take more breaks from work to reflect/appreciate life more


photographed the book launch tonight

i dont know who this guy is but there’s something amazing about him 

home sweet home

sunset during the gates shoot

(Source: alphabettown)

There’s a funny story behind this shot. The guy is actually Tre Cool from greenday, close friend of a close friend of my close friend, and was such a good dude about letting me making this panorama. Some really great memories. Organizing my archive to try to remember everything that’s happened the last few years.

I know someone who could serve me love
But it wouldn’t fill me up
You could have my favorite face
And favorite name
I know someone who could play the part
But it wouldn’t be the same


Lotte is leaving tomorrow to stay with my mom for a little bit so I can focus on transitioning to some new work and getting my life in order. I know it’s for the best for the time being, but it’s going to be hard not being able to wake up to that bear.

reblogging this for lotte

island fortress, island home

some older photoshoots